Licensing and attribution

Non-Patreon License

If you are not a Patreon of this site, the standard license terms below apply to you.

For anyone learning music, all of is currently licensed under an  Attribution ~ Non-Commercial ~ Share ALike  Creative Commons License with extra terms stated below.

This license says that you can use any of the content for non-commercial use. ie. you can't take the content and make money from it, in any way.

The license is loose because I want genuine music students to download, print, copy, email and share these resources free of charge, for as long as possible.

If you intend to use any content for anything other than learning music yourself, please contact me requesting permission to use the content, describing how it will be used.

These conditions change over time, so please check back frequently.

Patreon License

The images and audio from this site (and its sister site are available under a much more generous license if you become a patreon.

You can have unlimited use of them for any purpose (eg. books, apps, training), download all the image/audio zip files, have your own logo text automatically added the images, and embedded in the audio files.

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Hotlinking, Spiders and Crawlers

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