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For visitors outside the European Union countries, the ad providers who keep this site alive (Google, Amazon) etc. track your visits via cookies to tailor ads.

Please have a look at Google's Privacy Policy and Amazon's Privacy Policy.

Cookies are not currently used / third party ads are not displayed for visitors inside European Union countries.

Contact Page

If you get in touch via the Contact page, your email address will not be published, passed on or sold to anybody, for any reason.

It will only be used to reply, and you will not be signed-up to receive any emails - this can only happen by opting in to the Sign Up page.

Mailing Lists

When you Sign Up to a mailing list your email is keep on an https(TLS) secured website, so it's never sent across the internet unencrypted.

Your email is kept and used only by, and its owner company Instacosa S.L.U. to keep you up to date with music theory news, give you freebies, and offer goods for sale.

Your email will never ever be published, passed on or sold to any other person, company or organisation.

If you Cancel your Sign Up, you will be automatically removed from all mailing list subscriptions for this site.

If you have cancelled your sign-up, and are still receiving emails, please Contact Me, and I will cancel your signup manually.

IP Addresses

IP addresses are kept of all visits to, but do not identify individual users.

They are used to identify patterns in unauthorised use, then block illegal use of the service.

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